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Good luck trying to call their support numbers they just tell you to call someone else, and their live chat is a joke since I asked a question and got banned for no reason when I tried to ask him again when the first number didn't work I also am getting sick and tired of the countless updates.

If I choose NOT to update, I either can't load my save, or it gitches and doesn't work/load properly FORCING me to sit through yet another long boring update. I check the most recent post about updates, but it's dated early June. So I can only assume they are fixing mistakes they made with the HORRIBLE Battle Mode they recently added.

The Slim is still in production, so we can very say that it is compatible with ALL drive types until the Slim is discontinued!

Ways to get a xk3y in your 360 There is a hardware chip on the Xbox DVD drive, that controls if you can play backup games or not.

Thus is very disappointing as i have recently put in lots of time and effort on making a complete city to scale (block=cm) and didn't even think to back it up as i have had the gane 3 or 4 years and not had any issues regarfing updates before?

You can read about it here, It is compatible with ALL fat models, and the Slim models list on the product page.

This is the second update in a row that has completely wiped all of my son's work.The saved games still show up when we look to start a game, but when we select a specific saved game what happens is that when it loads we find ourselves underwater on a new map with nothing. This can sometimes happen where the patch doesn't download properly, and the game continues from the very first patch. I deleted the patch and then reinstalled it the next time we turned it on and everything went back to normal. and when u see an UPDATE u think its gonna give u more new options and stuff.. But when u go to load the world up , it shows the name and his last save but when he loads it..This would also explain why previous save games don't load properly as content brought about from updates not available at the start would prevent the game from loading properly. it starts him out underwater and everything is GONE.. Minecraft - Delete the file called "Minecraft Title Update" which should be roughly 139Mb in size - Start up Minecraft and allow the patch to install - Load the level you were having difficulties with and you should be back to where it was left off As mentioned before, patches (if downloaded incorrectly) will likely screw up your Minecraft saves because the game treats itself as reset to patch when it first came out.I am so angry about this because the entire point of the game is that it is supposed to be a persistent world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd update in a row to erase all of my kids worlds too, I saved all his worlds to an external hard drive and even those load up as new blank map and previous world gone? And if you copy it to an external hard drive it should have worked.He has spent hundreds of hours on all of his worlds and this is devastating to us all. 3rd update in a row to erase all of my kids worlds too, I saved all his worlds to an external hard drive and even those load up as new blank map and previous world gone? Are these updates just bug fixes or are they adding stuff in them?

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