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I left the camera running and it captured the moments shortly before and after he left the hotel.

Her bull needed to be at work early, so he set his alarm for 6 AM.

At that moment, a flood of her bulls sperm is released from its' place deep inside my wife.

I gasp, my arms flail as I struggle beneath her, as his seed seeps from her.

A few moments latter he is fucking her furiously, I can hear his balls slapping against Lisa's clit, as she moans with each powerful thrust of his BBC.She allowed me to remove my chastity lock and the second part picks up as I began to masturbate laying next to her.She told me to put my finger in her pussy to feel what he had left for me.When he woke, he also woke up Lisa and began to get his last licks in.He was laying next to her, both of them naked, spooning and soon began penetrating her.

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