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I looked up at him and he brought his face right down to mine. So please control yourself bitch."I managed to control the urge to vomit. He stepped closer once more and said, "Now to get you ready."He reached out and began to shred my clothing with his bare hands.He smiled and said, "If you throw up you might drown. He gripped the front of my blouse and tore it apart. The v******e of his actions only added to my steadily building terror.If I didn't need the c***d support money that I'm getting from her father I'd send her off to live with him. This young black man had his arms around my fifteen year old daughter!Unfortunately my job doesn't pay well enough to support my shopping habits without the extra money I get from him. His hands were on her backside and they were kissing, if you can call it that.

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He leaned down and one at a time he took each of my nipples into his mouth and teased them with his tongue.

You are such a pretty bitch."I stood there, helpless and in shock as his lips moved lightly over my neck which had been exposed by his firm grip on my long, blonde hair. I don't know if Kevin mistook my moan for something that it wasn't or if he was just being facetious when he leaned his head down and whispered, "Be patient you sweet little bitch. Then will come the pleasure."I shook my head violently and in not much more than a loud whisper I said, "No! "In response his tongue came out and lapped at my cheek like a dog might. He looped it up around my neck before he tied it off so that I had to hold my arms up behind my back at an unnatural and uncomfortable angle to keep from choking myself. As soon as I opened my mouth he turned around and scowled fiercely. You may be more difficult to train than I thought."He turned to Lori then and said, "Give me your underwear."I watched in dismay as Lori reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. He wadded them up and turned back to me and said, "Open your mouth bitch."I stared at him aghast. There was no way that I could allow him to put my daughter's soiled underwear in my mouth. He shook his head and grabbed a handful of my hair again. But how could she allow anyone to treat her mother this way?! She leaned forward and kissed my cheek and said, "Don't worry mother. He pulled it taut and tied it off with no slack at all.

I started crying quietly but I think that I was crying more from the frustration I felt at being so totally helpless than anything else. But now, to be held helpless while he brazenly kissed my neck! He tied that rope off and then tied my ankles together. He stepped back over to where I stood helplessly bound in the middle of the room and as if he were speaking to a misbehaving c***d he said, "You just don't listen very well do you bitch? He twisted and pulled on my hair and when I screamed in pain he shoved my daughter's panties into my mouth. The slightest movement pulled painfully at my hair.

I wanted to scream at him to take his hands off of me, to take his lips off of me. But until he turned me loose I didn't dare make a sound. He stood up when my ankles were secure and said, "I want you to wait right there bitch. I heard her giggle as she watched him torment me and that made my despair at this horrible situation just that much deeper. When he was satisfied he untied my ankles and stepped back to examine me.

Don't move, don't speak."He turned and headed for the garage. I had begun to realize that I was in no position to make demands. I struggled to push the panties out of my mouth with my tongue and when I did I made another horrible discovery. This man had had intercourse with my young daughter! As soon as I realized it I began to gag and when I did Kevin slapped me again. He seemed pleased with his handiwork, judging by the smile on his face.

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