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You've already told me why you've been away for a few years but while you were away do you think the gap of your absence has been filled by other artists such as Lady Gaga... I definitely think I missed a big opportunity not releasing it much earlier but at the same time I changed the sound of it, evolved it and matured so it's kind of in a new category and I've kind of left that girl group thing behind. We've only just started now but you won't have to wait too long. Because they have to play something like 90% French music on the air right?! I mean if I'm in France and I listen to the radio I'll like any of the dance music and some of the metal I hear but I'm not too keen on French indie or pop! U: Well, live we've got all that on a keytar and I play that live... [smoke alarm goes off again] [shouting] Well, you do surprise me! How difficult was it to get a Velvet Underground sample licensed for the title track and do you know if anyone from the band such as Lou Reed has heard the track? And it was a very not nice experience dealing with him, I have to say. you know, isn't he a member of the Billionaires' Boys' Club? And from the same time a very similar artist to you aesthetically rather than sonically, would be Peaches. Too me it is way more alternative than pop or hip hop.

Now, I’m not claiming that Uffie is likely to make a similar mark (in fact I think it’s highly unlikely) but it’s pretty shocking that she'll never be granted the oportunity. Like there's something of Morrissey about him almost. He wasn't wearing any in the video and that's for sure. They were a cool band but they've been away for a while, were you into that whole punk funk scene?

Now you're a non-national, English speaking woman, do you still get any radio play? And what we've been discussing today in the office the most: is that really you playing saxophone on ‘MCs Can Kiss’? U: [laughing] I don't know what this guy's problem is but on the credits I think it even says something like he wrote it.

[fire alarm goes off] Ah, someone's burned the toast downstairs. U: [laughs] The French have a very nationalistic and restrictive radio airplay policy, meaning that have to play mainly French speaking, home grown music on air. We were actually discussing this the other day and they [Ed Banger] told me that they didn't want to play Justice [French electro outfit] in the beginning. U: Yeah, I don't think I want to listen to that all day! I interviewed him a few years ago and he is one of the most miserable bastards I've ever come across...

Uffie, many will probably be disappointed to read, comes across as a relatively likeable person. just, you know, someone releasing a pop record slightly later than expected. I came to visit him for a holiday and loved it so I stayed. Well, the main thing is that he has always supported anything that I've wanted to do. But it's a really lovely city, probably my favourite. I mean, my parents let me run around there but I don't know. I do think, to be fair, it's next to impossible to define what a hipster is... You see Uffie, I'm old enough to know that American Apparel's shit clothing is nothing more than this year's United Colors Of Benetton. Amanda I've known for a long time, we've toured together a lot.

is a very enjoyable rather than earth-shattering debut with the oldest song ‘Pop The Glock’ being one of the least satisfying tracks on offer. So, first of all I wanted to say that I'm enjoying the album. How much of an influence has he been on you creatively? And musically I grew up around albums by people like Greg Lake, Bob Marley and Pink Floyd. I remember going out to the markets when I was a kid and being fine. There are islands around it, so you can escape out of the big city and the pollution if you need to. Was the inclusion of Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Hong Kong Garden' in anyway a tribute? well, I love the song anyway, so I chose it because of that... When I came out people were always saying: "You're the queen of the hipsters" but I didn't even know what a hipster was. Those who don't learn from history's mistakes are forced to repeat them Uffie right? So how do you know Pharrell and how was it working with him on 'ADD SUV'? I mean the thing you have to remember is that I'm not the one who's said that I'm a rapper.

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