Who is timothy oliphant dating

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If they hadn’t made so many terrible films in the last decade, maybe I wouldn’t go looking for an action fix in other sordid places.It’s a short, slightly surreal, bittersweet comedy heist movie which, like so many other small movies, deserves more attention than most generic output by Hollywood.Taking place in 1983, it sets about stating its quiet message, with a desperate and frustrated Olyphant at its heart, (un)ably assisted by a mismatched group of three, including the frightening Bug (Stephen Eric Mc Intyre), pretty boy Billy (Rossif Sutherland, channelling a look and performance that kept reminding me of Billy Zane/Diedrich Bader, which I mean that as a complement), and his co-star from , Joe Anderson, as Donnie.There’s a certain spark between Anderson and Olyphant, which explains their reunion so soon afterwards.(As an aside, one thing that does shine through is Anderson’s uncanny resemblance to Kurt Cobain, especially considering the films’ content, so we’ll see if that casting call ever comes to pass.

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