Who is ron corning dating

The two are seen happy together even though neither Ron nor Anthony has ever disclosed whether they were just good friends or partners.

Recently, Ron's name was linked with his co-anchor of Turned out the onscreen chemistry between Ron and Sonia was only to limited to their professional association. But who knows he could be romancing with the love of his life while making people wonder about his romantic unions.

But still, his fans are hopeful that he would come forth to shed light on his love life in the days to come!

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Corning was raised in Calais, Maine, and graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

He began his broadcasting career as a general assignment reporter for WDTV, the CBS affiliate in Bridgeport, West Virginia, and then as weekend anchor and reporter at one of WDTV's rivals, WBOY, the NBC affiliate in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Is Ron Corning, co-anchor of WFAA’s Daybreak, gay or straight? And, apparently, he’s been more public about his gayness than the CNN silverfox. Because Shelly of Ask Shelly on confirmed Ron’s “out of the closetness” in 2011, a year earlier than Anderson’s coming out in 2012. This means that whether it’s a bachelor party in New Orleans or an interview with the president, Corning’s hair is ready to go!

Well, according to the internets, he is dating Anthony Wilkinson who is also in the media/TV business.Back in 2010, Ron was assumed to be dating writer Anthony J.Wilkinson, and Ron was also spotted together with him at the opening night of ) Even though Ron never commented on the topic and it was never known whether Anthony was his boyfriend or not, he was again seen together with Anthony after a period. “His hair can look professional and elite or messy and youthful. Q: I did not know that Ron Corning was openly gay until I saw another person’s question. Here’s what the organization say about Ron’s fabulous hair (via Star Telegram): Like wine and grandmothers, Ron Corning’s hair only gets better with age,” the website says.

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