Who is lil mama dating

I really don’t want to exploit my children, but I want people to know how arrogant and evil this man is. Because he basically ruined my daughters Christmas, and I am beyond pissed! He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 5.9 years each. ) Once I hit you with that .30, it teach you a lesson, ayy (it teach you a lesson, ayy!) Bitch, one day I went to fuckin' church (went to fuckin' church!

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It is still not confirmed that whether Lil Boosie cheated her wife or the issues was from the side of Walnita?

And as if that weren’t bad enough, this pompous a**hole sent my 9 year old daughter (who she refers to as daddy) a text message that said and I quote “By the way Im not your real dad, just so you’ll know the truth! So I feel I have no choice but to put his sorry a** on blast.

My daughter did not deserve that, and she was so confused and upset after reading that.

And I don’t allow anyone to hurt my children, not even Lil Flip.

So after posting what happened on my twitter page last night, I have decided to contact you guys at bossip.

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