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During the early years, WKUK included writer and director Jon Kovel, Oliver Lyons, Anthony Mair, and singer Tina Tiongson.

Timmy Williams also joined in late 2001 and was the only member at the time who did not attend SVA.

Almost every time a female name is mentioned it is Candice.

Jerry Bronham – A hunter seen in the sketches "Sexy Fawn," "I Don't Know Bob," and "Point/Counterpoint", played by Trevor Moore.

The third season, which premiered on IFC on January 27, 2009, in the 10 pm time slot, was composed of ten 30-minute episodes as well as 20- and 15-minute episodes. The fourth season premiered on June 11, 2010, on IFC, continuing with the 10/30-minute and 20/15-minute episode formats.

The fifth season premiered on April 15, 2011, and was the final season of the show.

The Rainbow Media executives felt that the Whitest Kids program was more appropriate for IFC than Fuse, so they approved the switch.

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In 2005, the Whitest Kids began working with noted comedy producer Jim Biederman.They cry, until the waiter arrives and announces the specials, one of which is the clam chowder that gets rid of brain tumors. Lawyerstein informs the jury that Opposite Day has just begun, and gets into a battle of wits with the prosecutor.The sketch ends with another topless plug for WKUK on DVD.track Id=200257859It’s definitely Sam Brown and his girlfriend (at least at the time) Erin Pearce. Crying At a restaurant, Zach tells his girlfriend that he has a brain tumor.

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