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It is to these people and their descendants that this short history is dedicated.

Jamaica was founded in 1656 by a small group of settlers from Hempstead.

In 1712, there was the infamous Maiden Lane incident.

A band of slaves fresh from Africa stored weapons in the woods, and one night they secretly met and set fire to a nearby building.

One day he sent me over to do a job at a lady's house.

I was in the back yard doing the job when this white lady came out and started talking in a very heavy Jamaican accent.

People often ask why minority whites do not leave, but it has to be said that leaving your own country is very difficult, especially for rural whites of Jamaica who speak, eat, talk, and live very differently than in North America and Europe. And I can assure you from accent and presentation - they are culturally 100% Jamaican.

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Here they engaged in dancing contests, and formed secret social clubs, like the Geneva Club or the Long Bridge boys But slavery was never a pleasant affair, and there were constant attempts by the slaves to run away, and even sometimes to rebel.

The English were much harsher masters than the Dutch, and they enacted many racist laws while they gradually abolished the rights that black men had formerly possessed.

Slave owners in the city tended to have a few skilled slaves apiece, who engaged in everything from baking to goldsmithing and candle-making.

The number of slaves in the earliest days has not come down to us, but we know, for example, that in the neighboring town of Flushing in 1675 there were nineteen slaves listed.

In Queens County, in 1698, there were 3,366 whites and 199 blacks.

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