White parents against interracial dating

The implication here is that the offspring is woven into a growing tapestry that gives the original an unending life.

Even the theme behind all the major religions point to a "re-birth," of sorts, as the means of joining a Celestial family that excludes all those unlike itself! Nearly 87% of all those living today believe it perfectly appropriate that humans must be re-born into a different species in order to fit into God's family. Clearly, interracial marriage has become a sick and dangerous fashion that threatens to leave us all naked.

" But for those still unsure, there are other prevailing reasons.

Marriage was never designed solely for two people to take pleasure in each other, sexually or otherwise.

The prevailing argument would suggest that to be racist! I have counseled many mixed couples who falsely believed the races carry no psychological/spiritual differences.

I have rarely spoken to such a couple who see marital troubles were not compounded by an undiscovered motive to escape the psychological environment that formed them as children.

Not trees, not animals, not molecules, not chemicals, not planets, stars--not fire, wind or water; nothing, besides mankind, makes its own decisions about anything.Choice allows us to rebel against the universe's obvious design, but the ability to ignore life's jet-stream doesn't make it the smart thing to do." Clearly, the most powerful reason not to marry outside one's own racial, national and linguistic family lies in the fact that such differences may exist as a system which "color-codes" the qualities and slight character differences found in each kind, or race.For us to embrace the altering of the beautiful array of colors and personality-types seen in the different races, may be likened to the bomb expert who has only a few seconds to disarm the big one.While minorities have enjoyed having their economic and political salivary glands stimulated by transferred gain, it took thinking Blacks and Hispanics 40 years to discover that only certain white men, and later, black conservatives, were being discredited.From the founding fathers to today's so-called "vast right wing," the discredited turned out to have a peculiar commonality, they were all Christians.

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