Updating tomtom 340 s

If it can't find a faster way, the device can at least give an accurate time to destination based on real data.

Gaining access to map updates and other downloadable content is accomplished through the Tom Tom Home software that is embedded in the XL's onboard memory.

The only physical control to be found is the power button on the unit's top edge.

The Mini-USB port on its bottom edge serves as the connection for the included 12-volt car charger for data connections.

"The nation's roads are changing every day, so Tom Tom is proud to offer Lifetime Map Updates on our portable navigation devices," said Tom Murray, vice president of market development for Tom Tom, in a statemnt.

However, the Google Navigation feature usually requires a 3G connection, although a small number of maps can be preloaded onto the phone via Wi-Fi before setting out.

So for example, if the unit discerns that a certain road is typically congested, it will attempt to avoid it while routing.

If it learns that another road is typically congested on weeknights between 5 and 7 p.m., it will attempt to avoid that road on weeknights, but not on weekends.

In a statement, Tom Tom referred customers to its Web site for a list of affected models, but such a list did not seem to be available at press time, either on the company's main page or on individual product pages as an additional feature.

In an email, a Tom Tom spokesman said the list was not currently available on the Tom Tom site, but that the PNDs could be ordered on

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