Updating cached messages outlook 2016

I have a user having problems with Outlook Cached mode.

It seems that changes she makes to her inbox are not being made server side.

As a result, you’ll be reading these folders directly from the Exchange Server, so you will experience delays as the mail is being accessed and downloaded.

The “Mail to keep offline” slider in Office 2016 also affects shared folders. You can set the slider to cache a shorter period of time and thus reduce the size of your offline cache.

So, even if you’re using the new Outlook 2016, you will eventually run into some issues.

In it he walks you through ways to stop synchronization from taking up too much time on your system.

Does another Outlook mean new or different Outlook search problems?

This aspect seems more of a problem on the new Outlook 2010 install than it was under Outlook 2003 on the old machine. I'm checking this by looking at the Synchronization tab under the Inbox properties and checking the "Server folder contains" and "Offline folder contains" figures match. Does this user have another device connected to her inbox? Also, another tool/check I often use is OWA/OWAP to connect to the Exchange server, if you are using Exchange.

See if the user can login and see all the email, move an email to another folder then check in Outlook.

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