Trouble updating iphone 4

The first order of business is to update i Tunes to version 11.4.Open i Tunes and then click i Tunes A pop-up window will appear, alerting you that a new i OS version is available for your device. (Or, if you are going to need your phone in the near future, opt for the Download Only button to download it now and install later.) Look in Library/i Tunes and select the Software Updates folder for your device.(Access the Library folder in your user folder by holding down the Option/Alt key in Finder and selecting Go Library.) If your Mac has deleted this file, launch your web browser and search for download ipsw. See our guide to making room on your i Phone or i Pad.The i Phone 4 does not support i OS 8, i OS 9, and will not support i OS 10.Apple has not released a version of i OS later than 7.1.2 that is physically compatible with an i Phone 4— that being said, there is no way for you to “manually” upgrade your phone— and for good reason.It is always a great idea to download the latest version of i OS on your i Phone/i Pad to access new and advanced features and to keep your device healthy.

And there are lots of smaller point updates in between, adding tweaks and important security fixes.

i OS 8 is a 1.1GB download and took the better part of an hour to download and install via i Tunes.)If you chose to download and install the update, you can monitor its progress in the status window at the top of i Tunes.

Keep your device connected to your computer until your device restarts.

After restarting, you can eject your device from i Tunes and disconnect it from your computer.

On your device, slide to enter i OS 8's setup process, which will have you tap through the same set-up screens as above to configure your device.

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