Traditional chinese way dating marriage

The best time to plant seed, harvest crops or move stock between pastures was on about the same day each year according to the sun.The easiest universal timepiece to quickly observe is the moon.Han Yeo Reum doesn’t believe in love and independent woman Kang Se Ah believes she doesn’t need to get married.Rob Stallard introduces the traditional Chinese Calendar system still used for major festivals in Chins (China Eye magazine (2006)).You may also wish to celebrate that 2006 is an unusually long Chinese year as it is 385 days in length (a Chinese year can vary from 353 to 385 days long). It is also a Chinese leap year with a whole extra seventh month.Before looking at the complicated Chinese Calendar it is worth starting by taking a look at Calendars in general and then the familiar Western system.

As they bicker and get to know each other, they’ll fall in love for real.This added up over centuries and the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory in 1582 to take out the accumulated discrepancy, which by then had added up to ten whole days.As well as 'removing' the ten days, he stopped the same error happening in future by adding a new rule that century years are not leap years but years divisible by 400 are still leap years. it was not until 1752 that the Gregorian calendar was finally adopted.Secondly to get around people's legitimate objection in 1752 that they would have been taxed for the 11 days that the government wanted to arbitrarily remove from history, the tax year was moved 11 days forwards into the new year.The main religions all have festivals tied to the moon which is not related to the solar year, reflecting the fact that dates were originally recorded in terms like 'four days after the third new moon of the year'.

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