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There are hardly any tourists and even if you go to the most famous Bangladesh tourist attractions you will feel like you are off the beaten path.

About a 20 people a day would either warn me or tell me to be careful. If you are searching on Google how safe Bangladesh is, then let me tell you first hand! Although I have traveled multiple times to all the countries around like India, Maldives, Sri Lanka and even China and Nepal somehow a trip to Bangladesh never happened? Very few travelers hit this country as it is not on the backpack destinations list for southeast Asia, but may be you should start considering to visit Bangladesh. It was actually only about 4 months ago that I looked on Airwander to find a stopover in Bangladesh on my trip to Maldives. It must be that no one really spoke about this destination and Bangladesh tourism is quite unknown in the backpacker scene.Although I have to say this place is not for everyone. I was invited by the Bangladesh Tourism Board to experience their country and looking back at my trip I am super grateful to be the first international travel blogger who has been sponsored a trip to Bangladesh.Together with Sarah Richards, who wrote an extensive guide about ‘how safe is traveling to Bangladesh for women’, we had 10 days to get a feel of the Bengali culture and explore some tourist places.

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