Tips for dating a fireman

And as you move in and out of her, bring your lips close to her ears and whisper the words you want to say in a soft, seductive tone.It’s easy and intimate, and yet, sexy and very arousing, especially if you bite her neck every now and then in between all those dirty words you say.[Read: 6 tips to sound really sexy in bed] The best way to talk dirty with a girl is when you’re doing the missionary and on top of her.Run your hands through her hair and grab it gently behind her head.[Read: 30 naughty questions for couples to get to know each other better] And when you do say something rather bold, your girlfriend may realize you’re just talking dirty, but at the back of her mind, she’d still wonder how someone as normal as you could concoct such perverse or taboo thoughts when you’re horny.And once that thought enters her mind, she may even start to assume that you’re a dirty pervert.Say something tame and easy to start with, and work your way up as the days pass if both of you enjoy talking dirty and fantasizing while having sex.

But before you go saying everything that comes on your mind, you need to realize that the dirty thoughts in your mind may have existed for a long time, but your girlfriend has no idea about it! Paw your way around dirty talking like a cat stealthily walking through new grounds.

But if you’re only going to say the same words over and over again, every half an hour during sex, and every few times every week, it’s only a matter of months before those words start to sound like a turn off than a turn on!

For a guy, watching porn or even visualizing something sexy like a costume could give an instant hard on, especially if your girlfriend dresses up as a fantasy character you’ve always lusted for.

You need to get her mind racing, you need to make her visualize the words you say, and you need to transport her mentally to a place of sexual bliss.

[Read: Sexy dirty talking examples to talk dirty with your girl] Describe your thoughts in detail, instead of just stating them.

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