Tegan is dating

Among other festivals over the years, from Lilith Fair to Coachella, the band performed on the 2008 True Colors Tour, which stopped at DAR Constitution Hall. ”We were definitely in each other’s social circle, but we didn’t completely rely on each other,” says Sara.The youngest – eight minutes behind Tegan – Sara was the first to own up to her sexuality. ”I was involved with a girl all through high school, and Tegan knew that,” says Sara. It didn’t seem weird as a teenager to not talk about it.That's right, talk around the water-cooler has us hearing Tegan Martin may be dating her former co-star Kris Smith.

In tonight's installment of dreamy new celebrity couples, we have Miss Universe Australia and the nation's hottest male model playing for 100!”When we first started out in the [music] industry, people would try to define our relationship or talk about our relationship.It was almost like people would tell the story about how we have been.” The Canadian band Tegan & Sara — fronted by lesbian identical twins but also including other non-related supporting musicians — are not, as Tegan puts it, an ”overly twin-y band.” The band’s 29-year-old leaders have worked hard to keep the focus on the music, characterized by tight vocal harmonies, clever lyrics, cute melodies and generally playful pop sensibilities, with the occasional spark of punk heat.We didn’t want anyone to notice us in a way like, ‘Oh, the kids are still up, send them to bed.”’ It was learned behavior that aided them on their first tour right out of high school, opening for Neil Young and The Pretenders.”We were able to hang around backstage and chat with the crew and management and all these people because we weren’t drunk and being crazy, being little rock stars. We were like, ‘Oh, we’re here kind of on a school project. ”We learned karate and took swim lessons and beat each other up. I think we became amazing collaborators because of that.

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