Survival guide for dating a medical student sex dating in johnson arkansas

It was not something we planned but we have loved every minute of it & are so grateful to have you all following along.John is behind the scenes big time despite what can be a grueling residency schedule. he moonlights as a photographer) & he also helps arrange all of my travel as well as a few other tasks.It was meant to be a ‘journal’-like space of our time living in Virginia and powering through the medical school days (which we don’t miss at all).By the end of medical school, our little online journal had evolved into what it is now. I’m so grateful for John – he’s an incredible person and I could sit here all day long and type all of his wonderful attributes and characteristics but I think he’d be embarrassed as he is one of the most humble people I have ever met.Anyway, I think the Lord daily for giving me John – and for creating John to be medical school.This is random, but when John and I were dating and getting more serious, I actually googled “is it smart to date a medical student? I remember thinking wondering if he would have time for me, if he would be annoyed that I don’t like science or blood, etc.

Emily, that is silly, you will be so happy you went through all of this in just a few years! everything worked out for us, but better than I could have planned for myself.

It’s not the best habit but I would advise to making the most of time off and having fun or just getting quality time together. Every quarter or so, John will come home from work on a.. Monday and be like “hey guess what, I have a 3 day weekend next weekend” and we will literally will try to find a place to go that weekend, right away.

That’s how we were able to go to the Bahamas in February actually.

I recommend finding things to do to keep yourself busy whether it be working out, picking up a hobby, getting involved in church, cleaning your house, DIY projects, etc.

Also, we got Fitz during the first year of residency which made our lives SO much happier! Support: I’m so fortunate to have friends and family who are aware of my situation and support us so much.

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