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If you would like info on a post email us with the posting information. I realize it has been a long time and probably a lot of people would have passed included the parents that I grew up with. My mother gave him up for adoption in 1969 out of Charleston S. Please e-mail Birthmother in search of son born August 11, 1969 at Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. Would love to know that you are well and happy and to meet you - your birth father and I are here to answer any and all questions. I am a half sibling in search of a female adoptee that was handled through the SC Bureau of Children. The child was possibly born in Augusta, Georgia or Columbia, SC. Mother junior in high school, father first year of college studying oceanography. Cin search of birth mother, father,or siblings, born in St Francis Hosp. i think my name could have been timothy bradley stacy/stacey?? Grandmother (bm's mother) was a spinner and grandfather (bm's father) a self employed mechanic.Remember if you are searching, please complete a Male born? Murray in which she made mention of baby sister just ten months old at the time I was born. If anyone has any information about this I would appreciate speaking with you. we didn't know of his existence until a year or so ago. I believe she would be in her late 60's or early 70's. not sure was also told my birth mom was a runaway from fl. According to the files my parents gave me my birthmother was Peggy Dove and my birthfather was Don Carter Sr and was held in contempt of court. If you know of anyone that may fit this description, please contact me ASAP BM looking for information regarding my son.

Full-time government examiners are not listed here.Any information would be appreciated.ooking for birth parents or siblings, I'm a male, adopted at birth, or there after, my birth cert. I was born in Columbia state hospital and named Sandra Jernigan Johnson in 1956 (not my name now). BM eventually moved back to England but I found her and got to meet her before she passed away in 1990. My adoptive parents were very supportive of my search (was in my twenties then). Met her in Jefferson's Dept Store when we were 12, summer of 1971. I just want to let her know that turned out just fine. 28th at Womens Hospital (that seems to no longer exist....) in Charleston, S. Mothers name was listed as Jeanne La Crosse (though legal name was Jeanne Meyers) and fathers name Cliff La Crosse, Saynor Wis. Wise was the attorney who handled my (private) adoption. If anyone know of a foster home that had me there and know who my mother or father is please contact me. Adopted family lived and raised my mother (one adopted) in Easley SC. When I went to my follow up after 6 weeks I asked Dr. Mother stayed at Mattie Derrick home until birth(which was not by choice). WAS ADOPTED THRU CATHOLIC CHARITIES (I THINK) I AM 38 NOW AND WOULD REALLY LOVE TO MEET MY BIRTH MOM. I have no information at all about birthparents, just names. I just would like some medical background information and things of that nature. I have been told my birthmother was 18 at the time. I'm looking for my brother who was born at Anderson Memorial Hospital. looking for my son he was born at Spartanburg General Hospital birth name johnny shane moss private adoption in spartanburg i would love so much to find my son i believe his adopted parent lived in boiling springs sc mr james wormack helped in the adoptionirth father looking for baby girl born in Myrtle Beach during 1987 or 1988 name at birth, Baby girl Bailey.So, I know there's hope for all of you searchers. We were trying on clothes and my mother mistook her for me. I also know that my mother was deaf and around 17 or 18 years of age. I hope that she has been searching/is for her birth family..she has been in my heart the moment i found Male Adoptee Born at (then) Columbia Hospital. My mother was in a foster home and had me at 15 or 16 years of age. Hutchinson if he knew her name and I think he said her name was Betsy, but I was still medicated on tranquilizers so I am not absolute on the name. any information will help-even bm's who may have been at the home at the time she was there. If u r a female born anywhere around this time and place,please email Female born in Greenville SC at St Francis Hospital, Dr Gould attended. I would love to know more about my background, especially health issues - need to find birth parents! BM is African American, BF is "other" I was adopted out in the arly year of 1968. Birth Mother searching for a female child born in Charleston, SC, October twenty-something, in 1968. I have also been told I might have been born in a maternity home and possibly a c-section birth. I don't want interupt your life if you don't want me to. Private adoption don't have paper work to verify dates. Both birth parents worked for a Scotchman store in Myrtle Beach South Carolina during that time. Just want to tell you that I love you I am a White Female searching for my birth parents. My birth mother was sent to a all womens home during pregnancy. I was adopted at 7 weeks through Social Services in Greenville SCFemale - Im looking for my birth mom. looking for some medical history and to say thank you for what must have been so difficult. I also want to be aware of problems that my son may face. I've had a great life, two girls of my own now. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage due to medical problems and if I have more children I want to know what I will face.

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