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The good news is that social skills can be learned – at any age. Social skills deficits limit a girl's (and boy’s) opportunities considerably. Most experts agree that with specialized coaching, a person's social “intelligence” and self-esteem can be significantly raised.Singles can learn communication skills, listening skills, anger management, and much more. Even those who habitually miss social cues, and have difficulty making a favorable impression in social encounters, can learn how to relate to and connect with a new acquaintance.

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Days when you don’t fight seem rare because it seems like they are constantly nagging at you and starting a fight.The controlling significant other manages your time and decides who you spend it with, and makes you feel guilty if you leave them to be with friends or family.You begin to become more and more isolated from them, and they begin to feel distanced from you and concerned about your behavior.Often fights can seem explosive, with lots of crying, and might become physical if they hit you or throw things at you.The constant state of fighting leaves you feeling confused and like you need to have your guard up all the time.

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