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I mean technically, they broke up, so he doesn't have a right to say anything about her dating life.

(someone once told me something like that) If you've just been broken up with, you probably won't feel too great hearing that your ex has already found someone new.

After all, the dump-er probably agonized over the end of the relationship BEFORE they had the breakup talk.

I have been guilty of "moving on too fast" in the eyes of an ex.

The actors were amazing and they did an amazing job with their roles.

I was skeptical on watching this at first because I am usually more into rom coms than action dramas but this one is really good!

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), estimated worth (1,309.00$) and plenty of other goodies.

Is there a formula based on how long the relationship lasted?

She broke up with her boyfriend of 1 yr, about 2 weeks ago.

The Franklin Expedition of 1846 illustrates this point.

A girl I'm friends with, who just got out of a relationship, asked me an interesting question.

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