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Mock, who married his brother John Fick Spikes, they were daughters of Matthias Mock and his third wife Anna Amanda Rasberry Mock. Mock, born Ga., age 32, Matthias Mock already deceased at this time, children Mary C.

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The oldest relation of my family I have found is Lot Davis, born in 1795, Lot came from Iron County Mo. He was one of the first settlers on Janes Creek (above Ravenden Springs, next to the Missouri line). Maybe this will help persons who are interested in tracing their family tree If there are any corrections or misspelled names, please call and correct me (Pamela Davis Carr) at (870) 869-2838 anyone having additional information, I would sincerely appreciate hearing from; you. No.2-B- Diana Johnson, born 1848, same place, married William Brown. 3-B- William Mordecia Johnson, born 1850, same place, married Martha Sparkman. 4-B- John Henry Johnson, born 1852, same place, died Sept. The writer's assume that both died in Newton County Georgia. SPIKES and wife had the following children: Elizabeth Spikes, Nancy M. George Gregory and Martha Burton Johnston were married in 1821 in Humphrey County, Tenn. He was preaching at Siloam church in 1863 when he was captured by Federal soldiers, along with Daniel Rapert and Daniel Spence, William Swindle of the 55th Arkansas infantry CSA was wounded in the affair. This updated genealogy of the Spikes family if furnished by Orville G. Louis, Mo.; article contributed to this website by Patric Riggs. Arena Johnston and Jesse Robinson were married in Mc Nairy County in 1844. The known members of the SPIKES FAMILY for which we have a record: William (Pappy Billy) Spikes, Sr.

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