Sedating antihistamines for anxiety

I have to take pain medications for severe spinal pain involving the sciatic nerve. But if you take it every day it will eventually loose its effectiveness. I am now on activan and having the same problem as you had with withdrawal,can you use Benadryl until you body is no longer dependent on the activan , then switch to a natural remedy such as magnesium or foods that are high in magnesium to help with anxiety and panic attacks I'm entering into this conversation a little late but nevertheless, I have a comment regarding the use of Benadryl for anxiety.Diphenhydramine like most antihistamines have a calming effect on the body.You could use it as an OTC anxiolytic, however, it could cause increased exhaustion and motor impairment.

Night time is the worst time for me and normally don't sleep so I take 1 Ativan at night and Benadryl during the day and it's working fine.

I was on Ativan for about one year and when I wanted to get off of it, my doctor said to take Benadryl. I had some bad withdrawals coming off Ativan for a few weeks.

I still take the Benadryl at nighttime to help me to feel drowsy enough to have a good sleep.

Due to an accident where a car was driven into me, knocked me down and parked on my foot, I now have severe pain in my back, leg and sciatic nerve. I have found that because I limit my pain medication intake, at times I suffer anxiety. It is a seratonin reuptake inhibitor similar to Prozac and other ssri but it has many more side effects.

My doctor prescribes Xanax for the anxiety but he gives me only 30 for a month and the script reads to take one twice a day. So, I thought perhaps I would try to take a teaspoon of the children's Benadryl syrup during those brief moments of anxiety. When it was a new drug it was often prescribed for anxiety, "nerves", and depressive symptoms. I also take hydroxyzine for immediate relief of panic attacks.

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