Schizoid personality dating

Usually patient people are the people who are good at compromising.I know that it'll be very important in a relationship with a schizoid. I know that there are things that I just can't do.I'd have to compromise by trying to console her and she'd have to realize that even if I'm terrible at it, I'm really trying. So having someone not freak out at me because I said something the wrong way and letting me explain once I found the mistake.

It's a lot of work for us to share even little things about us.Let's not focus on how being that close with someone scares the shit about me. I think the most attractive thing about it would having that support network.Having someone in the next room who I can walk up to and express my problems all while knowing she's listening, seems like a really nice thing.I think having someone who makes food for me, but leaves it on the counter for me to eat when I do notice I'm hungry, sounds really amazing. To have someone go out of their way to make food just for me because they know I wouldn't make myself something to eat when I do get hungry, that would comfort me immensely.I think it'd be great to know that someone is respecting my need to be alone, but is also waiting for me to go back to how I usually am.

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