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you would like to replace a Domain name in the query or perhaps a group name. Since both of the collections have this string in common, I can simply execute my Update-CMCollection Query.ps1 script to locate CONTOSO and replace that with FABRIKAM. You can also specify the -What If or -Confirm parameters if you’d like.

I ended up with a script that I sent to the member and thought that I’d share here as well. What happens in the background is that the script will enumerate all collections for those that contains a membership query rule and evaluate that rule checking for a match in the SQL query statement of what’s specified in the Locate parameter. This is how the output looks like when I executed the script in my lab environment: Here’s a short video clip of the scenario that is described in this post: Principal Consultant and Enterprise Mobility MVP since 2016.

See if the logs start writing immediately, or your discovery is being delayed. I haven't had a need to update the All Systems collection because no new systems have been added since the original installation. Can you try and UPDATE Collection MEmebership and REFRESH from the root collections?

This may take a while, but I want to see if the database gets this update eventually. I deleted the objects that wouldn't get out of the collection, then ran a discovery so the clients came back into the all systems collection and attempted to run a reinstall of the client.

Then I used the same Power Shell command to update the All Windows Server System collection and update the Server Pilot collection again.

A member of the Swedish System Center User Group, also known as SCUG, asked for some help with updating all the collections that had membership queries matching a specific pattern/text.

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However, the updates are not being installed at all or during the configured maintenance window.

Since the limit collection did not has the two device, the Pilot collection did not has them either no matter how I updated it.

I had to change the limiting collection to All Systems – means no limit.

You can get your hands on the script from this Tech Net Gallery page. Nickolaj has been in the IT industry for the past 10 years specializing in Enterprise Mobility and Security, Windows devices and deployments including automation.

I recommend that you take caution when you’re execution this script. Currently working for True Sec as a Principal Consultant.

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