Sarah jane potts and joseph millson dating

He told The Stage: “I’m a little contentious here, I fully respect everyone else’s opinion.My opinion is that it’s always been difficult, [but] if you want it enough, it will happen.The couple, who played popular Luc and Eddi in the medical drama, wed on New Years Eve.The news was revealed on Twitter by Sarah Jane’s brother Andrew, who released a short film entitled ‘Photo Finish’ starring the pair, in dedication to them.I think it’s a very easy press story; the Harrow, actor, privilege story. “I work in this industry consistently, and I am consistently working with working-class actors.Because it’s a good story, it’s not necessarily true.” Millson said that while a bias may be the case among the top percentage of film actors, he did not believe it to be the case among most working actors.Millson, who defines himself as working-class, argued that while the dominance of privileged actors is a “very easy press story”, in reality, he believes that “if you want it enough, it will happen”.The performer, whose theatre credits include Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe, was speaking at a press event for Jamie Lloyd’s production of Apologia, in which he is starring alongside Stockard Channing.

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