Robert pattinson dishes on his personality and dating

resize=480:*" /[image id='8c3fa10f-7407-49e8-b2eb-17fc37024348' media Id='7bd8a6de-9104-4996-beeb-896cef68e4b4' loc='L' caption='"I think the voting scene was my favorite because it was very heartfelt and [director' share='false' expand='false" '] Chris Weitz was very open with me playing with my dialogue, and I gave a really, I think, heartfelt speech at the end of that.

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Receiving sudden raise of fame after starring as vampire Edward Cullen on 2008 movie “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson admits that he is currently trying to cope with his popularity.Hilton believes that the on-screen couple on 2008 film “Twilight” is “definitely on” even though both of them have never confirmed that they are dating.“Hey, they’re together and, according to multiple reports, they’ve been getting very friendly in public,” the 31-year-old guy testifies.resize=480:*" /Robert Pattinson, aka the hottest vampire of our time (and all time?), offsets his signature unkempt hair with this sleek, appropriately dark suit.

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