Recovering from dating a sociopath

Once they have hooked their victims into investing in them, they unmask their true selves. This goes beyond just normal self-absorption; it lies on the cusp of pathological self-involvement. Not all psychopaths will have a criminal history (many are also clever at evading legal charges), but there are subtler ways in which they communicate their character.

Yet the psychopathic partner will rarely celebrate or show interest in the success of that same partner unless it serves them in some way. Even if they have a primary partner, they are always out on the prowl – at the bar, in the workplace, on numerous dating sites – wherever they can get supply. You will notice that your particular partner, if he or she possesses these traits, does not seem satisfied with having a stable family life or a rewarding career; for psychopaths, the novel is what is most exciting and they quickly get bored with their current pursuits in search of something “better.” As natural braggarts, psychopaths tend to oversell themselves and their abilities. After all, in the real world of dating and relationships, it only takes a few destructive behaviors to cause a psychological injury and pose significant emotional harm. The specific label placed on a toxic, abusive person may matter far less than how their behavior affects others, especially if it is accompanied by a sense of entitlement and a lack of remorse for their exploitative behavior. Psychopathy as a disorder of the moral brain: Fronto-temporo-limbic grey matter reductions demonstrated by voxel-based morphometry.

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