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It covers an area of 301.338 km² and has 60.054.511 inhabitants. In ancient times the core region of the Roman Empire was the area of today’s Italy, also with Rome as the capital.

During the Renaissance period Tuscany formed the Italian core region.

After the film, it was claimed throwing a second coin guarantees a romance and a third coin will ensure marriage!

Trevi Fountain is really impressive, the taming and the power of the waters its main themes, the large rectangular basin with rounded corners collects waters flowing from different points, in the middle of a long rocky reef a magnificent statue symbolizing 'Oceanus' (Neptune, Nettuno) emerges from a large niche standing atop a shell-shaped chariot drawn by two winged horses (representing the changing mood of the sea, calm and rough waters) both led by two mermen; two smaller side niches flanking Ocean host 'Healthiness' (Salubrità) and 'Abundance' (Abbondanza), these thee statues are bounded by four large corinthian columns supporting two bas-relief panels and four smaller allegorical statues symbolizing the four seasons, 'Abundance of Fruit' (Abbondanza della Frutta), 'Fertility of the Fields', (Fertilità dei Campi), 'Products of Autumn' (Ricchezza dell’Autunno) and 'Amenity of Gardens' (Amenità dei Giardini), in central position stands the great commemorative inscription affixed upon request from Pope Clement XII.I wrote Skyline today, they replied almost immediately: Grazie per averci contattato. The webcam of Piazza San Marco is momentarily offline, will be reactivated soon but will probably have another observation point, even more beautiful. Thanks for this view of the grand canal at the Mercato di Rialto vaporetto station.La webcam di Piazza San Marco è momentaneamente offline, verrà riattivata presto ma avrà probabilmente un altro punto di osservazione, ancora più bello. I will always cherish my stay at Calle dei Boteri and afternoon walks in this picturesque neighborhood. Jenni, the San Marco cam has been down for several months, I also miss listening to the bells at noon and midnight.It was built in 19BC when they were building the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct, that is still in operation today! All Roman aqueducts had a fountain for the citizens to be able to get free, drinkable water.After WW1, fountains had a water spout built on the side or near the fountain and citizens now use that for getting water(but most have indoor plumbing these days, of course).

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