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So if you’re a teenager who is reading this book in the bookstore’s café, tittering at the naughty bits over your double-espresso, than I have just one question for you: what the hell is a teenager doing drinking a double-espresso?A colon and an end-parentheses placed close together in text are supposed to denote a sideways smiley face. No tables were harmed during the making of this website.(See, you knew these computers would save you time!

But I’ve worked in a lot of consumer comestibles convenience industries (read: fast-food joints) where we were berated if we didn’t tell every single fucking customer to “Have a nice day.” I said it a lot; I meant it almost never. © 2000-2018 jerryjo : the funniest motherfucker on the planet All rights reserved. The first question you’re going to ask me is: Why are you wasting your time writing a book about cybersex? I promised myself I wouldn’t start crying, and now look at me...You wanted the calendar section, which was just behind the smutty book aisle.Yes, this is an instructional book on the proper etiquette and methodology of initiating and maintaining a cybersexual relationship via the computer.

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