Published infopath form not updating

Over time, however, some of the tool’s limitations came to the surface; the most prominent of which being its XML foundations.This leads to users experiencing certain issues when forms are published in Share Point, such as HTML rendering issues.Users are now actively looking for alternative ways of creating forms in Share Point, so we'll list a few of our favorites in the following article.But before we get to the good stuff, we should begin with the basics: Initially launched as part of Office 2003, Microsoft Info Path is a software that allows users to create complex electronic forms containing validation rules, actions, workflows and more.Nintex is well versed in Share Point and Office 365 integrations and has proven time and time again to be user-friendly and efficient.We can use Info Path to easily customize a list with a design environment for a designing and publishing form via commonly used Windows controls such as check boxes, text boxes, command buttons, and option buttons. Having the Share Point Server Enterprise Site Collection feature activated To activate the Share Point Server Enterprise Site Collection feature, go to Site Setting -- Now, we have Simple Info Path form with the info above.Info Path has long been one of the most widely used Share Point forms, in part because of its end-user friendliness and for its capability to access numerous data sources, all with little to no coding.But the usability of the software had become dated, and so Microsoft made the decision that Info Path 2013 would be the last version of the application to be released.

But unfortunately you cant do this anyway in the designer.If you did make customizations to the form, first try to open the form in Info Path and republish the form to see if that fixes the issue.You want the default Add/Edit/Display forma of a Share Point list to be customized using Infopath.To continue using the existing form, you must first update it using Info Path.If you no longer wish to keep your customizations, you can delete the form and a new one will be generated when the workflow is published.

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