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I’ve been to other countries which do require visas but are easy and inexpensive; I usually applied for my visas abroad, so I don’t have a visa application experience in the Philippines. Before I forget, please remember that the Philippine Immigration requires us to show a return ticket.

When I left the country, I showed them my return flight for three months later( They asked me some questions, so I told them I was going backpacking and that they could check my bag if they wanted to.

I’m planning to do an around-the-world trip, stepping on all continents (including Antarctica), while working-on-the-road, (as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, TEFL teacher and Professional Travel Blogger) before I turn 30.

So, here are my backpacking and visa experiences since I started this journey in April 2013! (UPDATED: OCTOBER 29, 2016) Before you book your flights, it’s a good idea to think about what countries you’ll be traveling to after your initial destination.

The fee is fixed according to your nationality regardless of whether you’ll be staying 1 or 6 months, or whether you want a Single or Multiple Entry visas. – I only paid while Jonathan had to pay 2 for his British passport for the same six months multiple entry visas!

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If you decide to live and work there, then just take your passport to most travel agencies, who will make a phone call or two and let you know what the required ‘fee’ will be to make everything happen!

You can check this Vietnam visa site for more details.

, 7 Awesome Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Best Hostels in Malaysia and Best Luxury Hotels in Malaysia They might ask you for hotel booking and the return flight, so please be prepared.

If you will be staying in resorts then better to show that you have dollars or credit cards.

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