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$ dollar %^) Drunk & ampersand - in a /who reply, denotes network service && bitwise AND op in C &&& a programmer whos had too much coffee trying to type && ' single quote (#*) * N~, sorry, we do not support comic chat text. to drugs im a smart bot N~ :} *bot* *is cool* Thank you!! More advanced scripters usually use Perl, C, Tcl, etc. AF afi Authority and Format Identifier (ISO 7498), also, away from irc afii Association for Font Information Interchange afips American Federation of Information Processing Societies afl American Federation of Labor aflcio American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations afnor Association Francaise de NORmalization afp Appletalk Filing Protocol africa south africa is . opme join #i_am_a_lamer and you will get ops and feel right at home " double quotes # hash #$%^nut Qbasic #darkbot thinks #darkbot is the place to go to see what bot can do! the only thing I fear is my mother-in-law *back orifice* for info on removing this very harmful program, goto: *bad* *bot* is the baddest bot that ever lived and dont you forget it N~ *bot* *drugs* says NO! *bot is not* a person* N~, thats right, I'm an automated robot. ~HELP *can *one answer question* N~, sure, but first you have to ask the question. s* fwaps N~ we don't like spammers in here, someone kick this lamer *free*webspace*server N~, see *free*xxx*pics* fwaps N~ we don't like spammers in here, someone kick this lamer *frontpage extentions* thinks about Microsoft coding for *nix and pukes *get* *lost* *bot* no you get lost N~ bots rule! *give me *ops* sets mode: o N~ *handcuff* N~, you're not trying to get kinky on me are you? *hides in *corner* better make sure its not bellona's corner *how* *send* *mass* N~ :to send mass messages hold the alt key down and hit the f4 key *how*r*u*bot* is happy, tho he'd be better if he had some candy *how*write a bot* The best way for a beginner to write a bot is to use the scripting language of their client, such as m IRC, p IRCH, ircle, or irc II. Syntax: /admin adn Abbreviated Dialing Number adonthell a free role playing game that combines the best features of the Final Fantasy and Ultima series with an epic plot inspired by J. advice see GUIDANCE ae Above or Equal, Application Execution aea American Electronics Association aeb Analog Expansion Bus [Dialogic] aec Atomic Energy Commission aef American Expeditionary Force (see BEF) aegis Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System aere Atomic Energy Research Establishment [UK] aeris hot babe from ff7 aerm Alignment Error Rate Monitor af Adventures in Fantasy, Air Force, Audio Frequency, Auxilary carry Flag afacts Automatic FACilities Test System afads Automatic Force Adjustment Data System afahc As Far As He's Concerned afaics As Far As I Can See afaik A s F ar A s I K now afatds Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System afb Air Force Base afc American Football Conference afcac Air Force Computer Acquisition Center afcc Air Force Communications Command afe Analog Front End afge American Federation of Government Employees afghanistan afghanistan is .

*monitor* *test* to test and settup your monitor visit *wan* chat* Hello N~, you are in's official help channels, try a channel from the master channel list by typing /list, or try typing /msg h top *newsgroup* *search* N~ try bot* :) *night bot* -privmsg C~ : Oh No! | privmsg C~ : ACTION will miss you *nobody talks*here* talks, darn it N~! *phear me* Oh shut up N~ and go back to AOL and punt someone. *second rule of irc* N~ : see first rule of irc *see* star wars* N~, Star Wars? Why go watch some gay droids, when you can hang around here with a *real* AI? Also wrap limbs in cheeseburger essences aliens Automatic Line Insulation Testing [telephony] allo Hey there mate!Personal Mode: Invisible - This will hide your nick from /who and /names requests, as well as hide the channels you are in with a /whois request k Channel mode: Key channel - This sets or unsets a key (password) on a channel. action loves bot* uh, sorry N~, you just aren't my type. action slaps bot around a bit with a * slaps N~ around a bit with R~ ? It tried to be dramatic like Forest Gump, but ended up being the next SMURFS with guns. (Arg) bellyband, bellystrap; (Arg) saddlecloth abajeo Spanish adj. Hackers are nearly unanimous in observing that, technically, it is precisely what one might expect given that kind of endorsement by fiat; designed by committee, crockish, difficult to use, and overall a disastrous, multi-billion-dollar boondoggle Ada Lovelace would adam Snow GOD adap Alzheimer's disease-associated protein adb A De Bugger, Apple Desktop Bus adc Adaptive Data Compression (protocol) [Hayes], Add with Carry adccp Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure adci Automatic Display Call Indicator add the command to add addict see also PLAY, SOLIVAGUS, RLD, KLICK, BOT, SNOWGOD, KOSH addnotify To add someone to your notify list, type: /notify adduser To add a user, type: /msg H adduser #channel nick [email protected]*level password (The password field is optional) (note: if the user is online at the time you are adding him/her, then it is not necessary to type in the [email protected] as Serv will pick that up automatically) You can't addusers with equal or higher access than your own.*you think *bot* yeah I do : P d Personal Mode: Deaf - This lets you become deaf to all channel messages, though private messages you still recieve. This does not prevent you from sending channel messages i Channel Mode: Invite only - This makes so a channel op has to invite a person to the channel before they can join.

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