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In the country districts nothing else is used, though there are notices on the walls of the Asuncion schools that scholars must not speak Guarani during school hours.The Guarani is a soft language, and the Paraguayan girls have sweet voices.

Paraguayan high-class ladies wear clothes not unlike those of our American girls.

They make lace handkerchiefs, fichus, and embroideries, and weave great hammocks of thread so fine and so strong that they will often outlast a generation.

They have patterns of their own which they have taken from nature; one of the most beautiful is called the cobweb pattern, the threads of which are as delicately joined as though made by one of the big spiders to be found here in the semi-tropics.

The typical Paraguayan maiden is a trifle under middle height.

She is as straight as an arrow and as limber as a willow tree branch, though inclined to the voluptuous in form.

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