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Each host's attraction to Haruhi is directly related to in-game choices.At the end of the day, two charts illustrate how much profit Haruhi has made and how much each host likes her. The game's opening theme is the same as the anime's while the ending theme is a violin rendition.Several new characters are introduced into the Ouran cast of characters.They serve as foils with which the more familiar characters can interact and, because of their nature, add drama to the games' storylines. The game is set to be released on April 19th in Japan, with two versions available.The regular version will be at 7,140 yen (.96 USD), while a special limited edition will be available for 9,240 yen (.30).What exactly is contained within the special edition has yet to be revealed.

Tsubaki is a student at Ouran Academy and a frequent guest of the Host Club.She actually makes an appearance in the anime as the unnamed guest who is told "she looks like a carp" by Shiro Takaoji in Ep 06 - The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type!Sayuri is a childhood friend of Haruhi's before Kotoko dies.Jean-Pierre was born in France but raised in Japan.He is a childhood friend of Tamaki's who remains so even after leaving for Japan at the age of eight.

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