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There have been some very famous Secular Franciscans including Pope Leo XIII, Pope John XXIII, Thomas Merton and many others.There is much more that can be said about the SFOs, so I would encourage you to read more and learn about this way of being-in-the-world as a committed member of the Franciscan family.The Set Property Value method is designed to shorten the typical set accessor declaration.The method takes three parameters: the name of the property, reference to the property's private field, and the new property value.The above example was impractical to represent due to being excessively long and obscure.

First, the method checks whether or not the new property value is different from the old value.

Secular Franciscans make promises to follow their Rule and, like the friars and sisters, have a designated period of formation during which time potential Secular Franciscans learn more about the spirituality, history and theology of the Franciscan tradition.

It is also a time for communal prayer and discernment, seeking to understand the Spirit’s leadings in one’s life.

See the article on Formatting Text for syntax details.

Use the Legend Category property to create a category name that groups the legend items created by this rule.

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