Open source validating xml parser

One basic issue is the lack of a standard for getting a DOM tree from a given document; there is also no standard way to report parsing errors, or to choose whether to continue processing after a validity error.

DOM is also less widely supported than SAX.) The first draft of the OASIS report has some bugs in its test database.

This structure came from basic principles of software testing, and from the content of the XML specification itself.

Read the test documentation for full information, and for a brief summary just understand that: The information in the test report for a given XML processor can accordingly be quite complex.

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(Note that DOM can't be an API to an XML processor in its current form.Or, read in logical order: ) established a working group to establish an organizational home for a suite of XML conformance tests.This progressed, and produced its first draft in July 1999.This is the most widely supported XML processor invocation API in Java, as will be appreciated by the fact that this article can look at a dozen such processors!Of necessity, the driver tests SAX conformance as much as it tests conformance to the XML specification, since the SAX API is the way the processor reports the information that the XML specification requires it to report.

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