Ogden utah dating ideas

Savers is the only thrift store open on Sunday, and many times it is also when they hold their 50% off sales.Check out all the great deals, try on ridiculous 80s prom dresses and be sure to snag a member card to get updates on their secret sales.So, next Sunday head on over to one of the trails either on foot or bike and see Ogden in all its glory. most cities, every single shred of history has been paved over and strip malls put in its place, but here in Utah we have preserved so much of our history, and you can quickly hop in the car and visit some incredible places.Megaplex in The Junction shows all the newest movies and Cinepoint 6 is an awesome discount theater.If you want to keep it local, then check out Arthouse Cinema, on of the smallest movie theater in the country!

Utah is full of adventure and just because many businesses shut down for the day does not mean that there is absolutely nothing to do.Art house shows some great indie films and can even be booked for private events. Ogden has some amazing parks; I even put together a guide HERE.Check out my guide to thrifting here- Wh WOH When the weather warms up, and the kids start to go stir crazy on weekends the best place to go is the drive-in.Pack a dinner and snacks, pile up blankets and watch a double feature.

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