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I have gotten way too many good deals to list but you can find things like knives, guns, animal traps, military surplus, farm and homesteading equipment, or even silver coins to invest in. We have what they call a salvage grocery store a few miles from our house.We try to go every week to see what is thrown in the bargain bin.Business dumpsters are usually full of cardboard; if you have a use for that, you can get all you want for free.Sometimes you will come across store returns that have been tossed in the dumpster.

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Be sure to ask the foreman for permission to go through the “Scrap”.

What the old timers used to do that job will be found in an antique store.

Lots of us preppers like to rummage around a flea market looking for deals on gear and supplies.

They have everything that the tenants moving out didn’t feel like moving.

Lots of times I have found boxes full of food where someone had emptied their pantry and set the box beside the dumpster.

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