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Numbers Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Ninety One Hundred One thousand Professions Doctor Dentist Nurse Lawyer Judge Teacher Professor Student Scientist Carpenter Plumber Mechanic Tailor Taxi driver Manager Secretary Worker Journalist Writer Clerk Artist Singer Dancer Chef Farmer Soccer player Policeman Soldier Colors Black White Red Yellow Green Blue Turquoise Orange Gray Brown Pink Purple Body Parts Head Face Ear Eye Nose Mouth Lips Teeth Tongue Forehead Hair Beard Mustache Throat Neck Shoulder Arm Elbow Hand Finger Back Stomach Foot Knee Leg Skin School Words Book Notebook Paper Pen Pencil Eraser Chalkboard Chalk, eraser Chair Table Desk Room Window Door Wall Clock Picture Homework Test. Adjectives Low High Hot Cold Sweet Sour Good Bad Big Small OK Understand Confused Today Every day Verbs Eat Live See Hear Buy Sell Weigh Look Talk Pay Give Understand Walk Hike Work Show Teach Learn. Back to Previous Page Shopping shop department store bakery supermarket ATM Laundromat pay open closed Do you accept credit cards? appetizer soup salad beef potato fruit vegetables fish pork mutton chicken bread drinks ice cream dessert coffee tea juice water beer wine salt pepper meat glass plate spoon fork knife napkin menu waiter Please bring the bill. Back to Previous Page Fruit Apple Pear Peach Apricot Plum Orange Lemon Tangerine Strawberry Mulberry Banana Watermelon Cantaloupe Grape Pineapple Pomegranate Date Vegetables Carrot Onion Pepper Cauliflower Pumpkin Corn Garlic Beans Lettuce Green onion Greens Turnip Mushroom Eggplant Peas Spinach Tomato Cabbage Cucumber Beet Bunch City Department store Convenient store Office Hospital Library Post Office School University Plant Factory Park Zoo Hotel Restaurant Coffee house Theater Museum Airport Train station Bus stop Stadium Mosque Church House Embassy Bridge Statue Road Tree Flower Here There Yard Money One hundred One thousand 10 thousand Price Check How much How many A few Some Lots And Questions What? Back to Previous Page Meat Chicken Turkey Fish Beef Lamb Pork Sausage Hot dog Ground beef Drinks Water Milk Fruit juice Tea Coffee Liquor Wine Beer Champaign Dessert Cake Pie Cookie Chocolate Ice Cream Candy Breakfast food Bread Egg Butter Yogurt Cheese Jam / Jelly Honey Soup Salt Pepper Raisin Sunflower seed Nut Meal Friends and Family Family Father Mother Parents Son Daughter Child Baby Husband Wife Parents Brother Sister Grandfather Grandmother Grandchild Uncle Aunt Relatives Friends Best friend Man Woman People Letter Time Words Always Sometime Usually Occasionally Seldom Never Greetings Good morning Good evening Good night Courtesy Please Forgive me Here you are OK Pardon me It’s ok Adjectives Hard Soft Strong Weak Clear Ready Happy Sad Rich Poor Polite Rude Spicy Clean Dirty Beautiful Ugly Verbs Drink Cook Look Understand Speak Listen Fall Play Study Write Discover Mail (a letter) Order Order Introduce Greet Acquaint Sleep Stand Relax. where Where is the…Places school church bank restaurant toilet ocean lake river swimming pool tower bridge valley hill mountain square street Where is the bathroom?

Back to Previous Page Chapter 5 Clothing Shirt Pants Suit Blouse T-shirt Skirt Dress Sweater Jacket Coat Overcoat Shorts Underwear Shoes Socks Boots Tie Belt Scarf Hat Glove Umbrella Purse Glasses Seasons Spring Summer Fall Winter Months January February March April May June July August September October November December Weather Snow Rain Ice Hot Windy Stormy Cloudy Sunny Time Words Tomorrow Day after tomorrow Next week Soon in awhile Questions Adjectives New Old Bright Dark Short Long Brave Lazy Dry Wet Damp Clean Messy Short sleeve Long sleeve Civilized Rude Brave Coward Affectionate Firm Verbs To put on, to dress To undress To drive To turn To stop To enter To exit To meet To be late To move over To rain To snow To shiver To be cold To work To catch To throw Take a picture To cry To shout To laugh To make a joke To teach.

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The president lashed out at the media on Thursday over coverage of his meeting with Putin, saying that news outlets want to see a 'major confrontation' with Russia.

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