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Like much social media today, a message delivered over the airwaves by the local DJ may be targeted to a particular individual, yet would be broadcast to a much larger audience.That was a part of the thrill — to share your personal sentiments with this larger group.Much of the lingo of the CB universe has an analogue in today’s social media.Although the slang use of “handle” to refer to a person’s name, title or accolade dates to the 19th century, the use of the term as a reference to one’s on-air identity in CB jargon is a direct precursor of how the term is now used for online identity in Twitter.

While much of their activity revolved around making free long-distance calls, they also discovered ways for multiple callers to talk simultaneously, creating conference-call like chat rooms for real-time group interaction through the telephone system.

Although the current spate of social media platforms burst onto the scene within the last several years, these tools have antecedents in earlier, traditional media.

Long before the rise of Facebook, Twitter and My Space, people found innovative ways to use technology to interact.

Kendall Whitehouse, Wharton's director of new media, takes a look at how our desire to virtually connect with others is evident in media -- from the telegraph and newspapers to comic books and radio.

Social media platforms have revolutionized the way we communicate.

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