My mobil facebook is not updating

if you believe they arent signed into chat and it shows a green circle than your only fooling yourself.

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So the reality is facebook did not make any mistakes and the time stamp system is not faulty because if you were inactive for say...5-10 minutes its not gunna say you were inactive at all until after 15-20 minutes and then that is when the time stamp begins timing how long you have been inactive for. just because you didn't reply to someone in 5 minutes doesn't mean you aren't there reading their message and signed into facebook if it says they were active for example 2 hours ago, then you can take to the bank that they haven't been on in at least 2 hours but if it says they HAVE been on for example 5 minutes ago then it doesn't necessarily mean thats true.. minutes ago it doesn't mean shit,maybe they were on maybe they weren't but you really have no idea...its all stupid and i've learned to just stop paying attention to the stupid time stamp because its completely inaccurate.. BUT if it says a person was last active '3 hours ago' then you can be sure that they haven't been on for at least 3 hours.. one last time, it will say you've been active when you weren't (quite frequently actually) but it will never say you weren't active in 3 hours if you actually were..A certain somebody can be sleeping the entire night but yet it says they were active X amount of minutes ago..its been like this for a while and I have no idea why they haven't fixed it yet...

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