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In the United States, meanwhile, it's taken until the 2010s to begin to see anything somewhat comparable, a wide variety of entertainment with protagonists and love stories of all shades who aren't constantly talking about it.Shondaland’s "But if I don't want to assume that any of my characters are a certain race, that means I have to have the freedom, as a white man, to write about or for a Black character or person of color.There was a very cosmic kind of thing that happened with him, which shows that sometimes the unexpected casting choice is the greatest."It's about time.

Here are my top 10 picks for charming movies starring people of different ethnicities.There's Each project is very different, but they share one thing in common: Depicting interracial love as something that simply exists — an everyday occurrence that is normal, not something that constantly needs to be debated, discussed, or fixated upon whenever it happens on screen.It’s only taken about a century, but Hollywood is "You see a lot of movies with the same types of character, and one thing [director] Matt Spicer and I had talked about early on was wanting these characters to feel like real people in the world," says Plaza, who stars in and produced .Will Smith and Eva Mendes are totally adorable in this romcom about a guy whose career is to help men find companionship through a foolproof formula but — surprise!— learns that there’s a lot more to love than a set of rules.

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