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He is the son of Mary Ellen, a homemaker and Paul Dillon, a portrait painter and sales manager.He was raised along with his five siblings: one sister and four brothers.I was hugely amused and never mind the creaking plot.On a technical level, I loved the Technicolor hue of the film, very Hitchcock period too.A few promotional stills for the film show a few more unseen scenes: Ellen and Cathy chatting in the street, Thor grabbing Ellen by her shoulders, Thor, Jonathan and Ellen standing next to a helicopter, Jonathan and Ellen wearing flowery shirts holding exotic drinks.See more » When Ellen looks out at the railroad tracks just prior to the final confrontation, she sees a freight train with a long line of cars with bright green Carlsson Copper logos.He worked on many movies and series during his 37 years acting career.

It wasn't until later that I discovered I was more than that .

A few scenes of the original ending can be seen in the theatrical trailer: Jonathan and Ellen wearing helmets at the factory, Jonathan throwing an unidentified man off a crane and Jonathan chasing after Ellen.

The trailer also shows unseen scenes such as Jonathan looking through a window blind and a door knob being forced while Jonathan hides behind it with a stretched rope.

The movie's original ending was shot in a steel mill in Wales, that served as scenario for the Carlsson Copper Factory.

After the ending failed test screenings, it was re-written and re-shot in Jonathan's childhood home in Pennsylvania.

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