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The eerie scene, captured by a security camera in China, records the moment a soul allegedly leaving the body In the creepy video, the recently deceased body of a woman lies on a stretcher in a hospital ward in China.After several seconds, the paranormal episode unfolds.

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Pick categories such as lesbians and housewives and have plenty of lube.

[Repeated Monday 3pm.] A showcase for records of contemporary experimental and underground music, hosted by Ed Pinsent. Theologian, Ones/Hands, Ralph Lundsten and Neurobash, Tetrix, Liz Allbee, hama Yôko, Kayaka, MV Carbon, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, RM74, Hammerschmidt, Ultra Milkmaids, Z' EV, Webster & Dunning, Karmicel Wszy, and Joe Frawley.

Visit for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 1am.] Ocean-obsessed sound artist and technologist Xavier Velastín presents and explores extracts from his upcoming performance [whalesong]. For more information follow XVelastín on Facebook and Twitter. 🍹 Our presenters were at the @ITV Summer Party last night, but they’re raring to go this morning - well, most of them!

🙌 #Friday Feeling @Charlotte Hawkns @kategarraway @richardaarnold @alexberesfordtv R4rqcf At least 11 people, including children, have been killed after a tourist boat crashed on a lake in Missouri.

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