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We are a maritime power protected by two giant oceans and do not need a large standing army.

That level of public confidence is a perishable commodity that will disappear in the absence of sustained superior performance.Covering up unpleasant truth’s under the guise of waiting for an investigation to conclude is dishonest and foolish.This is especially true when a known race monger like Fredrica Wilson has inserted herself into the story using the body of Sgt Johnson to make political hay.As the Pentagon, like the rest of the federal government, continues to expand beyond its original mandate it is relying more and more on secrecy to prevent the American public from knowing what it is up to.It is also using the old “that’s classified information” dodge to cover incompetence and magical thinking about everything from operating in countries where we have zero national interest, to aircraft readiness, severe problems with gold plated hanger queens like the F-35, to the impact of women in combat arms.

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