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The count system in MSN engine is, in their engineers' own words, a "work in progress" and an "ongoing issue." I have doubts as to whether they'll ever report accurate numbers, but the link data at least, is valuable.

MSN is doing a fairly good job of showing more important links ahead of less important links (though not with complete predictability).

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Please also note that links rewritten in your message will open inside your app, including social share and external-site links. You must provide Sailthru three (3) files to successfully enable Universal Links using your Sailthru Link Domain: If you’re ready to go, you can upload these files through the Universal Links settings page in my.This file provides the permissions to i OS to have links directly open in apps.For your domain, your AASA file can optionally provide permissions for multiple apps.You can read more about the process and the full specification for this file .In short, in order to enable app links from your link domain, a small JSON file called the Apple App Site Association (AASA) file must be accessible on that domain.

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