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Both marriages took place on the 18th and 20th of March 2012 respectively.

Jean Claude made all travelling arrangements and the both of them flew to France on the 21 of March that same year.

He even gave Axelle’s family the sum of 600.000 FCFA for their up keep.

Not knowing that they were selling their daughter into séx slavery, the family happily bid the couple goodbye as they left for France.

A few days after their arrival to Lourdes, a man knocked on the door saying he wants to see Jean Claude.

Little did Axelle know that, he would be her first client who had already paid into her husband’s bank account.

As the couple arrived France, they lived in a town called Clermont Ferrand for about 9 months after which they moved to a new place called Lourdes.

Since Axelle did not know about this, she would wish she never used the internet in her life.She was also prohibited from making any calls to the outside world.Every day she had male customers who would come for her service taking her from front and behind all the time. They would not use any protection during intercourse.As the time passed many ladies discovered that they could use the internet to find a chat friend or a life partner.Some girls have greatly benefited just by using the internet to find their dream marriages or relationhsips.

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