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Initially I only have the name, so I go, ‘Henry, I understand you’ve gone missing, I need you to confirm the connection by describing your age, physical appearance and how you went missing.’ Then I saw a skinny black cat coming through.

I told the woman I see Henry, he tells me he went missing six weeks ago, he tells me he went missing in the evening, he tells me he is deceased.

He makes his living by communicating with dead pets (and also lost and misbehaving ones).

He can communicate with dead people, too; he once got in touch with Saddam Hussein.

I don’t dispute reincarnation, I just believe the time frame is longer than most people consider.

However, animals will frequently drop by in spirit form and say into the ear of their owner’s new pet, ‘Listen you are the new dog, back when I was top dog this little trick got me attention every time, why don’t you try it’.

’ No, your old dog’s spirit is just interacting with your new dog.Other Great Reads: Dealing with the loss of a pet For me there is no difference.I work with human spirits and animal spirits interchangeably.I was working with this lady recently who cared for pet rats.One of her rats was attacked by another rat, and she wanted to know the severity of the injury.

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