Is ryan from teen mom still dating dalis

keeping up/taking care of myself physically was on the back burner but finally getting back to a point where I sometimes feel like putting on makeup (huge improvement)!

#Mental Health Awareness My heart goes out to Santa Fe High.

You guys are so fake concerned about mental illness, it’s actually hilarious.

after almost 2 years, I finally splurged on myself (a tiny bit) & bought new makeup..

After all, he is married and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, has long been labeled as delusional by viewers of the show.

In addition to marrying Ryan after he nearly nodded off while driving them to their wedding, Mackenzie allowed herself to conceive his second child shortly after his 2017 stint in rehab — and his 2017 heroin arrest.

Mackenzie Standifer, who married Ryan Edwards secretly before he went off to rehab, lashed back at Dalis and accused her of being on pills as well, which Dalis denies. You’re so f**king low,” she railed the gossip site.

Standifer also went off on the website who reported that her custody arrangement with her ex over her son, Hudson, changed in his favor.“Seriously, to hell with you and your ‘tea.’ Get on somewhere. that she had a story to tell, but wasn’t interested in doing so at the moment.

Ryan then oddly told his wife to call him when the child turned really think plastic surgery would be the thing to get me out of bed?who raised you to where you think it’s okay to say something like that to someone?!Jen even recently tweeted Dalis, telling her that she clearly just wanted attention and money, though Dalis claims she didn’t get paid a cent for dishing on the family secrets to the publication.She also claims she runs a successful business and doesn’t need money.

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